Many people ask:

  • How much do I have to pay to use the VPN Clean?

Unless your daily usage is limited, yes you have to shell out a little.

If you are a user from the US, the VIP premium plans costs:

  • USD 8.99 a week, even lesser than your favorite ice cream scoop.

  • A free initial trial of 3 days, and then USD 11.99 per month.

  • USD 59.99 a year, which is just 15% of the annual cost if you go with weekly!

Please understand that the above prices are for reference and correct when writing this article; it is for the US market only; the price is subject to change without prior notice. For any non-US countries, the available prices can be found when you download the app and see the subscription pricing page which will be presented to you automatically when required.

The exact price options within the app are visible when you tap on either Connect Faster & Unlimited from the home screen or Become a VPN PRO from the menu. When you open the app, it shows all the pricing options available to you in your specific geography. The prices are often reduced as we offer attractive pricing based on area and popular festivals and events. 

You can choose to opt for a yearly, monthly, or even a weekly plan. The monthly plan is people's choice, though!

Your App Store Account takes care of its fees, and the plans renew automatically. Albeit, you can get the receipts via your Apple account that you may need to claim as utility expenses.

Considering popular user demands, we offer 2 options, free limited basic plan, and subscription-based VPN premium (PRO) plans.

People also seek a better understanding of free and premium options.

The free limited basic plan offers:

  • Connection through one USA based server absolutely free.

  • An encrypted, secure connection

  • You can see the list of premium servers located in various countries and choose to opt for a premium server as per your needs.

Just in case you continue using the app with the basic plan longer, you will be presented with a screen intimating about increased usage and further options to subscribe to a plan.

The premium plan with subscription offers, everything offered under the free plan (without such limits) plus:

  • Option to select any server from a list of 50+ VPN super fast premium servers in 15+ countries to connect to.

  • Better experience using the app without any advertisements or nags from free server sponsors!

  • Unlimited bandwidth & VPN session length - no restriction on session length.

  • Reduced Network Latency, resulting in optimized internet browsing even on the VPN.

Those who prefer trustworthy and reliable VPN service, usually go for a premium subscription as it offers multiple options to select server/country!